Forgotten Faces
North Korea

Forgotten Faces

A PhotO Exhibit Book
featuring the photography
of Human Rights LAwyer
Eric SirotkiN 


The Forgotten Faces of North Korea Photo Exhibition is an effort to aid peacemaking by putting a human face on a country that has been seen by the US as an enemy and “evil.”

By dehumanizing a nation we make war possible. The exhibit educates people about the Korean Conflict and it serves to reminds us of our interconnectedness. The exhibition is available for the walls of your museum, gallery, coffeehouse, school, or community center.

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Book Introduction Excerpt:
“Forgotten Faces of North Korea serves as a reminder. A nation is not simply its weapons or its marching soldiers, but is filled with men, women and children seeking to better themselves, to love, and find joy in their daily activities. When a nation is demonized by the politicians and the media, the unspeakable horrors of war become possible. This book reminds us of the human faces that can get lost behind the rhetoric of decades of war drums and human tragedy.”


 “If we fail to seek peace, it stays forvever beyond our grasp.” 

-President Barak Obama
Eric Sirotkin delivers a message of peace to the DPRK President of the Presidium of the People's Supreme Assembly Kim Yong Nam in Pyongyang.
Since 1981

Eric Sirotkin

Author & Photographer

Author and photographer, Eric Sirotkin, Executive Director of the Ubuntuworks Peace Education Project have been active in peacemaking projects for over 30 years. He worked extensively in South Africa, including leading and International Monitoring Project of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. As an international human rights lawyer and lecturer he has worked around the world to help move us from “the age of separation to a new era of ubuntu – recognizing our common humanity and building peace.” His work in Korea began in 2003 and he has traveled to both North and South Korea several times.

Photo: Eric Sirotkin delivers a message of peace to the DPRK President of the Presidium of the People’s Supreme Assembly Kim Yong Nam in Pyongyang.