Active Witness
City of Albuquerque

Human Rights Award

“In recognition of his long standing commitment, contribution and concern as an advocate and moving force for human rights and human dignity, effectively and relentlessly working and speaking against discriminatory practices on behalf of those who have been discriminated against, and promoting human rights and equality through the legal profession to the community at large.”
Since 1981

Building Bridges

On the Global Stage
Over the years his peacemaking activities have taken him around the world, including India, Peru, Cuba, South Africa, Japan, Vietnam, North and South Korea, France, Canada Netherlands, and China.  In 1991 he assisted with the new Constitution in South Africa, was a UN sponsored election observer at President Mandela’s election and coordinated an international monitoring Project of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It was through this experience that he learned about the wisdom of ubuntu and interjected a new more holistic method to his efforts to resolve conflict.
In the United States
​In the United States Eric has defended protesters arrested for their political expression, sanctuary workers helping families flee US sponsored violence in Central America,  DJ’s struggling to keep community radio ‘free,’  and workers who have lost their jobs, been harassed due to discrimination or retaliated against due to race, age, sex, disability or whistleblowing. He has served as an adjunct professor of law at the University of New Mexico School of Law, holding classes in Labor Law and Modern Employment Law, and taught dozens of continuing legal education programs.  Over the years he has managed bands and artists and assists them in  contract negotiations and conflict resolution.
Other Activities
Eric helped found the New Mexico Human Rights Coalition, the NLG Korean Peace Project and is the Executive Producer of the  award winning film Committing Poetry in Times of War. He is a regular guest lecturer on campuses around the United States and has spoken about ubuntu,  peace and justice in more than a dozen countries.
He was  raised in  Michigan and received his Bachelor of Arts from Michigan  State’s  James Madison College  in  Justice, Morality and Constitutional Democracy  in 1978  and a  Juris Doctorate  from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1981. Eric  maintains an active law practice in New Mexico USA.


I weaves in my key international work and storytelling to inspire audiences that they can make a difference. 

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As an author, I’ve been able to help those who confront challenges at work or those who want to be active witnesses for  a new world. 

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“The interest and support of your project has been a great encouragement to us at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”
 –Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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In the news

As a regular television commentator, writer  and human rights lawyer, I bring peacebuilding and conflict resolution to an international audience. 

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