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Sirotkin says South Korea is not yet a Fully Sovereign Nation

September 2, 2018 –  RT International

Sirotkin said in an interview, “We need the U.S. to get out of the way,” Sirotkin said. “There are people who frankly benefit from instability…What other nation could not make its own decision to build a railroad between their countries.”

Can’t Assume They will Lay Down their Weapons without Trust

September 30, 2018 – RT International

Eric Sirotkin tells RT International that bothsides have broken promises and that this is a situation where we have to build up trust.

Sirotkin said in an interview, “Sadly, [the summit] may be set up in this way to please the John Bolton neocon wing as this offers nothing but the peace we agreed to after World War II for all countries of the world in the UN Charter.”

Sirotkin Discusses the Summit as Trump and Kim Meet

June 11, 2018 – RT International

Eric Sirotkin tells RT International that the Summit and its success will turn on the forces in each country that may not want peace and the need for activists in all countries to help hold their leaders’ feet to the fire for peace.

Sirotkin Comments on the restoration of Summit

June 1, 2018 –  RT International

“Old cold war rhetoric has been driving this for many years…Neo-Cons Bolton trying to create a divisivenesss,” Sirotkin says. “Give this President the branding rights and call it the Trump Peace Plan (TPP).”

Sirotkin calls for end to military exercises

May 16, 2018 – RT International

Eric Sirotkin on RT International from Seoul where he is there with a delegation of US lawyers during the military exercises.

 Eric Sirotkin discusses why there has been no peace in Korea. “Now, months later, the talk about North Korea has returned to size. Is their missile large enough to really reach L.A. or Chicago?  Was that a hydrogen bomb rumbling underground or merely an enhanced standard nuke? Without commenting on the size of our commander-in-chief’s hands, the size of North Korea’s hardware has become another in a long string of dangerous, but meaningless distractions that does little to move us toward a durable peace.”

“….Despite knowing the likely reaction of the DPRK, we fail to stop our own behavior in this tug of war and continue to engage in an addictive cycle of muscle flexing and militarism. To prepare for true change in Korea, such as peace and nonproliferation, we must break this cycle of addiction….”

Interview with Eric Sirotkin. In a process he calls “Legal Wellness,” he says conflict can lead to transformation and growth….

 “When Ashland peace mediator and human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin worked as an observer of South Africa’s first post-apartheid election, he saw in Nelson Mandela a rare leader “willing to embrace people, accept change and forgive deeply from the heart… “When Mandela spoke, the world seemed a lot smaller, as if you were in your living room with him,” says Sirotkin. “He would smile and reach out to people and say something so meaningful and rich about how we are all connected, including both the oppressor and the oppressed. We would be amazed how, speaking to people in villages, he just mesmerized them…” Mandela’s central message was Ubuntu. Sirotkin said the philosophy was described to him by Tutu as “the essence of what it means to be human to other people, that what I do to someone else is what I do to myself.”