Legal Education
Legal Education Enhancements

I’ve become an advocate for a revamped legal education wherein we would teach an array of courses reflective of legal wellness principles. Imagine going to a lawyer versed in:

Creative tools for transforming conflict

The art of listening and dialogue

Holding a Healing Space for Clients

Paths through conflict: Choosing evolution over protection;

Transpersonal awareness; Practicing law through wellness

Self- responsibility for the lawyer and the client 

Law as Creative Expression

Non-judgment and the Law

Using Your Intuition

Noticing with the Heart: What is your truth?

Legal Counseling: The Lawyer’s therapeutic role

Mindfulness and expanding your awareness

Practicing with joy, passion, and meaning

Releasing the harried lawyer

Recognizing and Dealing with Feelings; lawyers and Clients

Wellness and Body Communication: Reading clients and witnesses

Languaging and the law: Non-violent advocacy

Five Element Lawyering

Eric Sirotkin Speaking in front of Screen at Michigan State University

What I’ve found is that the more competitive, the more the dispute heads toward bitterness, loss, and grief. But if cases are brought with growth and education in mind then the end result is often communication, self-empowerment, and compassion.

All of the topics listed are available in

webinars, lectures or training CLE’s.